social and economic distinctions



Pro: Sport serves to reproduce social and economic distinctions and preserve the power and influence of those who control resources in society. Please provide 12 PPT slices of each main bullet points on the outline (attached) Download Attachment: Group Presentation-Social Class outline.doc Additional Requirement- just do the last 6 bullet points on the outline as 6 powerpoint slices on the outline? you can create the last 6 slices based on the outlines below: Various impacts on social class Age Gender Race and ethnicity Geographical location Example Cost to attend sporting events Highschoolprofessional Global inequalities and sports Per capita income in different countries Available resources Rich/poor gap Population size Economic and career opportunities in sport Social mobility in sport Career opportunities for female and male athletes in sport Career opportunities for ethnic minorities in sport Employment barriers in coaching and off-field jobs Conclusion Does money and power matter? References

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