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Please follow this picture to write a short essay, then the response to two articles. ( I provide those articles in the world file). So you should write 3 separate short essays in total. Use MLA or ALA, and do not copy others. I will check plagiarism. Each one just is more than 175 words.

Article 1


The informal social control that I believe is very effective is religion. Most religions

gives a person standards and acceptable behaviors that are tolerated and also

frowned upon. For example, religion can teach a person that having sex

before marriage is wrong, even though this would not be considered a crime. Another

religious teaching that is not a crime is consumption of alcohol. A lot of religious

teaches that your body is a temple and should not be polluted with alcohol. The

reason the informal control of religion is very powerful is that religion is

usually passed down from generation to generation. Everyone always want to make

their family and close friends happy and be accepted by them, creates a

huge pressure to obey these rules to abide by for specific religions.


A formal control that is used by society is there will be consequences for

intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly killing another living breathing human being.

This control is very effective because a person knows there will be a severe

consequence is this formal control is not followed. Society agrees that this social

control is important in order to maintain our society. If everyone was able to violate

this formal control, our society would be in chaos and will not be productive. The fact

the every person know that if this is violated then severe discomfort or possible even

harm to themselves will come if this rule is not obeyed.

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