Sociology is quite unique because there are literally hundreds of diverse theoretical traditions that have emerged over the last two centuries.



*Sociology is quite unique because there are literally hundreds of diverse theoretical traditions that have emerged over the last two centuries. As Charles Lemert explains, “sociology, the academic work, is always and necessarily the work of bringing back to life social worlds lost from an earlier time.” In this assignment, you will be using chapters 4, 5 and 6 (see below) of your Lemert text to outline and explore the historical development of the sociological tradition.

  • Lemert- chapter 4- “Sociology and the Lost Worlds of a New World Order: 1848-1920”
  • Lemert- chapter 5- “Sociology Becomes a Science of Worldly Structures: 1920-1960”
  • Lemert- chapter 6: “Sociology Reaches into the World: 1968-2000s”

 *The goal of your research paper is to explain the historical development of sociology as it emerged in the 19th century and as it evolved over the 20thand early 21st centuries. Your paper must include key historical factors and events that lead to the creation of the tradition. At a minimum, the following must be explored in your paper:

1) A broad description of the 3 key time period mentioned in these chapters and how they influenced sociological thought.

2) A description of the key authors in each time period and how they influenced sociology. Any 2 authors from each chapter (6 total) must be explored. However, the following 3 “foundational” authors must be included: Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber. Be sure to mention their key works, as is necessary to develop your paper. 

3) Integration of the key concepts that Lemert uses (as they developed in each time period). 2 concepts from each period (6 total) must be weaved into your paper. Examples of concepts that might be used: “sociological imagination,” “world system,” and “class conflict.”

4) Be creative! As long as these basic parameters are met, you are free to develop your explanation of the sociological tradition as you interpret and understand its development based on the material presented in the 3 chapters.


  • The paper should be at least 3 pages single-spaced (Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1-inch margins on all sides), but can be as long as necessary to explore the topic.
  • You must cite the source(s) you list in your works cited page/section in the actual TEXT of the paper. If you do not directly use a source in the paper, then it cannot be listed on your works cited page. Simply reading an article/book and "generally" using it to influence your paper is not a source that can be counted toward the 2 source minimum.
  • Only the class text (chapters 4, 5 and 6) are required to be cited in this paper. You may, however, use outside sources, as is necessary, to develop your argument. All sources used, including the class text, must be cited using the ASA style (see examples and the style guide link below).
  • A separate works cited page must be included with your paper.

The format for citing you source(s) in the text of your paper is as follows:

General idea or a paraphrase from the book/article…………… (Smith 2007).
Specific quote on a specific page……………" (Smith 2007:15).
Specific quotes from multiple pages, but linked together…………………..." (Smith 2007:15-17).

The following information MUST be included on your works cited page when you cite the class textbook:
Author name, year of publication, name of book, publishing company, location of publication.

The following information MUST be included on your works cited page if you cite an outside JOURNAL ARTICLE:
Author name, year of publication, name of article, name of journal, volume/edition/issue, inclusive page numbers.

***To view the complete ASA style guide, which outlines how to cite your sources, please visit the following page:

ASA Style Guide (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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