Socrates’ discussion with Euthyphro seems to go in a circle.




Instructor: Jeff Lawrence 



 Wednesday, October 2nd at the beginning of class. 


Address the following topic in a short essay. Ideally, your essay should not exceed 1200 words (approximately 4 pages double-spaced with 12-point font and at least one-inch margins). You can go a bit over this limit, but please be reasonable! 


Socrates’ discussion with Euthyphro seems to go in a circle. What, then, is the point of this kind of dialectical discussion? In your essay, please address the following question:

Is there significant progress in the Euthypho dialogue? Yes or no?

 In the first half or so of the paper, please explain why you take a positive or negative position. Notice that to do this, you’ll need to be clear about the nature of progress and its relation to some specific goal or end in view. 

 Then, in the second half of the paper, raise an objection to your position. What might a critic say about your argument? Don’t pick just any objection; it should be strong. Outline and explain this objection in a short paragraph, and then respond to the objection in the remainder of the paper

Please note that this is a “big picture” topic that does not require a lot of detailed analysis of the specific Euthyphro arguments. You can reference specific points of the discussion, but this should be with an eye to defending your general claims about the merits (or lack thereof) of Socratic dialectic. 

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