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      Comparison of SDLC Models Student Name Course Name November 5, 2016

Comparison of SDLC Models (a) Steps of SDLC Model The SDLC is a theoretical model utilized as a part of project administration that portrays the stages required in a data system advancement extend, from an underlying practicality think about through upkeej of the complete application. The SDLC comprised of five phases. 2 THAT HAS NOW EXPANDED TO SEVEN STAGES. LIKE A PROJECT LIFE CYCLE” (PLC), THE SDLC UTILIZES A SYSTEMS WAY TO DEAL WITH PORTRAYING A PROCEDURE (KAY, 2002). THE LIFE CYCLE APPROACH USE SO CLIENTS CAN SEE AND COMPREHEND WHAT EXERCISES INCLUDE INSIDE A GIVEN STRIDE. It is likewise used to tell them that whenever steps can rehash or a pa pace can be modified when expecting to change or enhance the system.

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