Software QA and Testing: Please see attached file for the description with images.

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Software QA and Testing: Please see attached file for the description with images. Consider a shape program where you have to test a program that accepts the length of four sides and four angles of a quadrilateral (a shape with four sides). The program gives one of the five possible outcomes: “Square”, “Rectangle”, “Rhombus”, and “other quadrilateral”, “Not a quadrilateral” given four angles and sides. Square: All four sides are equals and four angles are right angles (90 degree) Rectangle: Not all four sides are equal, but parallel sides have the same length and angles are right angles (90 degree) Rhombus: All four sides are equal. Opposite side angles are equal but not right angles. Other quadrilateral: None of the above but four angles add up to 360 and has four sides Not a quadrilateral: Four angles do not add up to 360 (and/or) has less than 4 sides A) Identify equivalent partitions to test this application. Write them clearly. Then, develop test-cases to test them. Use strong robust classification. Test cases should be in tabular form: |Test case # | Partition Tested | Input(s) |Expected output | B) Run the Shapes.exe program (This program is tested on windows computers) and test the program to identify bugs using equivalent partition based test cases. This program has several bugs. Create a list of them.

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