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Unit 1 Dig Deeper Assignments

You will need to pass between 1 and 3 of these before 8:30am on 2/17, depending on the grade

you are aiming for in the course. You may turn in assignments at this final due/date time, but if

they fail, you will no longer have a chance to revise and resubmit them.

Remember to give us three business days to review your assignments before we hand them back

to you as a “pass” or “revise and resubmit.”

I design dig deeper assignments to help you delve more into the concepts, theories, and issues we

talk about over the course of the Unit. You might have to wait until closer to the end of the Unit

to complete some of them, as they call for theories used in the later sections of the Unit.

Passing Dig Deeper Assignments Will:

 Completely answer every question asked in the prompt.

 Demonstrate understanding and the ability to use the social science concepts you pull into

your answers.

 Correctly cite the sources you use – including the page numbers/paragraph numbers/time

stamps where you found the information you used.

Until you successfully meet all of these qualifications, you will get your work back as an R&R.

Make sure that you incorporate our feedback and turn them in before the final due date to earn a

pass. Depending on how well you address our feedback, you may get more than one R&R. Don’t

be discouraged! We just want to help you fully understand the material before moving on to your

larger essays and exams.

You should be able to upload revised drafts to the same assignment spot as the first draft. If you

go to a new assignment spot, we might not notice that you revised and returned the original

assignment for a new round of grading.

Options for Unit 1

Option #1 Watch Sendhil Mullainathan’s TED talk, “Solving Social Problems with a Nudge.”

This is a great talk about why people don’t actually take advantage of easy, free, technological

solutions. He is an economist, and I want you to take a socially scientific view on his examples

and suggestions for solutions. What would any of the theorists we have read so far say are the

roots of the problems he is discussing? What are the implications of these arguments for our

future, for Smart Cities? Make sure that you use at least three concepts or theories to support

your arguments.

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