Survey 2014: Bankruptcy + Student Loan Debt Crisis




After thoroughly reading and researching a topic, complete the weekly assignments addressing a topic from one of the course themes, leading to two drafts that are revised in a final 8- to 10-page research project.

The purpose of the assignment is to present an argument and support it persuasively with relevant, properly attributed source material. The primary audience for the project will be determined in prewriting tasks. The secondary audience is an academic audience that includes your professor and fellow classmates.

Course assignments will help you develop your interest in a theme and topic, engage in discussion with your professor and classmates, and then learn to apply search strategies to retrieve quality sources.

By the end of the course, you will submit a Course Project that meets the requirements for scope and which includes the following content areas.

  1. Introduction
  2. Attention-getting hook
  3. Topic, purpose, and thesis
  4. Background
  5. Relevance to the reader
  6. Body Logically presented, the point-by-point argument with evidence (the number of sections may differ by paper, but you should plan to have at least three)
  7. Section 1 (2–5 paragraphs)
  8. Section 2 (2–5 paragraphs)
  9. Section 3 (2–5 paragraphs)
  10. Section 4 (2–5 paragraphs)
  11. Section 5 (2–5 paragraphs)
  12. Conclusion
  • Original writing of 8–10 pages created during this course
  • Attributed support from outside research with in-text citations that correspond to the five required sources listed on the References page; a minimum of one source must be included from the Course Theme Reading List
  • APA 6th edition use of Title page and running headers, in-text and parenthetical citations, and References for all sources used in the project
  • The final draft addresses all professor and peer content and citation revision suggestions and concerns from earlier drafts; final draft of the Course Project is the result of revision and represents a consistent improvement over the first draft

Assignment Requirements

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