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SYSE 640: System Integration and Test

Robot Assignment Paper

Due by the end of Week 7

Submit your robot assignment paper as a virus-free Word attachment at any time up to the end of

the due date. Note: Any student forecasting a finite (albeit small) probability for the occurrence

of a dire crisis (of health, wealth, happiness, software, or modem connection) on or about the due

date of the paper, as seems to occur with the arrival of each paper's due date, feel free to submit

the paper at any earlier time—early papers are welcomed with open arms, whereas late ones will

lose points). Please use anti-virus scanners before you submit papers, as well as check the paper

with Turnitin. For formatting, use: the American Psychological Association (2009) Publication

Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition.), Washington, DC. (Note: The

first printing of the sixth edition of the Publication Manual contained errors; however, the APA

fully corrected all errors in the second printing. In the textbook, the printing version is noted on

the copyright page, opposite the table of contents. If it is a second printing, the second paragraph

will read " Second printing: August 2009 (or more recent date)." If it is the first printing, that

information will appear on the last line, near the bottom of the page. Examples of citations

complying with APA guidelines can be found at the library site.

The robot assignment paper is worth a maximum of 20 points. The paper should be a maximum

of 20 pages, double-spaced, including the cover sheet with your name, class, date, course and

section number, etc.; this is a maximum page count—it can be less, if appropriate. Use 12 point

New Times Roman font. All margins should follow the APA format. Note: all graphics and

charts, if any, should be incorporated (inserted) directly into your paper (on a Word page)

seamlessly, not attached separately in a different format or embedded in a program icon. The

paper and all charts should form a single, continuous Word document (and print out as such). All

your work must be your own work and cite references for quoted or paraphrased material

must be used. Late papers will lose points.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) organized a humanoid robot

competition. The legged humanoid robots are complex hardware and software systems. For

detailed information, see the provided reading, " The Humanoid Robot Challenge Sponsored by

the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency," 

You will select one of the competing robot entries, whether a winner or loser. Research and

analyze the selected humanoid robot system with a focus on its system integration process and

verification, validation, and testing (VVT). Describe how the system was subject to integration

and VVT as per our course goals (below). You should discuss each goal in a separate section of

the paper, clearly indicating the goal you are discussing. If the system did not satisfy a goal (e.g.,

requirements for system functional and environmental test facilities and equipment were not

identified), explain why it did not and any consequences. Analyze how the system integration

and VVT process related to the success or failure of the humanoid robot in the December 2014



 From week 2:

 Apply methodology for tracing system design to system integration and testing.

 Analyze the system for the purpose of identifying testable elements.

 From week 3:

Differentiate between component, subsystem, system, and system-of-systems


 From week 4:

Evaluate alternative hardware and software testing methodologies to verify

system compliance with physical, functional, and other requirements.

 From week 5:

 Identify requirements for system functional and environmental test facilities and


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