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general article writing


The final paper is a 12-15 page study with recommendations integrating

and adding to the previous papers. Please note that in the final

paper you should include at least 5 scholarly sources as well as

government documents.

This means that you will need to cut and paste and do some redrafting

from your earlier papers, but the general outline would be as follows:


Purpose and Objectives

Literature Review


Analysis of Government & Organisational Documents

(Presentation and Discussion of Results)

Conclusion and Recommendations with the feasibility material

explaining the practical implications of the Recommendations


Appendices (if relevant)

Notes: you will use these file and the file which you will write it to but in one research , first file will be the (Article crit) the second one will be ( REview of UAE Education Policy) The third one will be (teacher motivation with plane ) which you will write it . 

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