Technology in the ages of discovery



Technology in the ages of discovery Explorers during the age of discovery needed tools to help them accomplish their goals of discovering new lands. Without new technology, explorers would not be able to navigate the seas and oceans well enough to discover places like the new world. one of the tools was a change in the design of ships. The new ship design was called ''The Caravel''. This ship was invented by the Portuguese and was based on an original Arab ship design. The Caravel was easy to maneuver. It had lateen sails that made it much faster than the other ships. The Caravel made it possible to sail without staying close to the coastline. Adopting a stern post rudder made the ship more maneuverable, easier to steer, and easier to keep the course. Better ships let the explorers sail long distances, But they needed tools to help them navigate.The astrolabe was an invention that helped sailors tell where the ship was by using the lines of latitude and the altitude of the sun during the day and the polar star at night. The Nonius device was also invented. Sailors used it to take down fine measurements from the astrolabe and made the astrolabe more accurate. Another invention that helped explorers navigate the seas was the printing press. The printing press explorers could take books, charts, and maps with them on the voyages. The maps and charts could also be mass printed. With the invention of the printing, press explorers use the same maps and charts so there could be less of a chance of error when navigating the seas. All of these inventions made it possible for explorers to discover new lands more easily and safely. These inventions also made it possible for explorers to map the world. The new world was discovered by mistakes, but these inventions made it possible for explorers to map that area of the world and keep going back there.

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