The article Difficult Conversations, which defines a difficult conversation explores how to take emotions

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Review the article Difficult Conversations, which defines a difficult conversation, explores how to take emotions out of the discussion, and provides eight skills needed to maintain professional relationships during conflict.

Engaging in painless conversations can be difficult but can also lead to successful outcomes. In working toward a successful outcome, appropriate preparation and the removal of any threat stimulus that will cause resistance are essential. Getting your message heard can be accomplished by breaking painless dialogues into productive conversations, and by using the CANDID (compartmentalize, ask, normalize, discuss, incentivize, disengage) approach.
This assignment asks you to practice the CANDID technique. You will use the Painless Conversations Worksheet found in Appendix A of your textbook, which creates a framework for managing difficult conversations in manageable stages.
Select a conflict management theory and create a PowerPoint presentation following the steps found in the Painless Conversations Worksheet and shown below:

  • Compartmentalize the message to create a neutral opening.
  • Ask questions based on the other person's response.
  • Normalize the situation.
  • Discuss the details—factually and neutrally.
  • Incentivize the outcome.
  • Disengage from the discussion.

Your presentation should include an overview stating ways to have difficult conversations at work, including the preparatory steps taken prior to the conversation. Include the course concepts that have already been explored based on conflict and communication theories. What should be included to neutralize the conflict? How will you maintain relationships through an assessment of emotional intelligence? The presentation should clearly demonstrate your ability to manage workplace conflict with a win-win solution.

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