The assignment has to be uploaded on Nestor in pdf-format.



1. The deadline for this assignment is May 26, 2020, at 20:00. 

2. The assignment has to be uploaded on Nestor in pdf-format. 

3. State your names and student numbers clearly on the first page of your assignment. 

4. All code has to be included in the assignment. The use of R markdown is not necessarily required, but it is a good investment of your time to learn how to work with this. Using commands like verbatim or lstlisting is also fine. Make sure your code is written according to the guidelines of the style guide provided in the course Programming for EOR. Also make sure to put comments in your code. This is something which will not only make the grading easier but the code also becomes more accessible to yourself and your group mate. 

5. Do not only state your final result in your answer. State all intermediate steps of your calculations and state a final concluding sentence whenever possible. If you only state the final result without showing your derivations, you will not be given full points even if the final answers were correct.

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