The contribution of leadership and organizational behavior to the development of an enterprise



This is about the Case Study/Research Assignment demonstrates your familiarity with and understanding of the contribution of leadership and organizational behavior to the development of an enterprise. This is a two-part project.

The company that I choose is Apple.

PART ONE : WRITTEN ANALYSIS, summary of 5+pages, typed, double-spaced, plus cover sheet, plus bibliography.

-  Research a Fortune 500 corporation or top-level non-profit organization. Gain an understanding of the history, mission, pace of growth and expansion, financial profile (both past and present), organizational management structure (both past and present), as well as any remarkable events that impacted the growth and/or evolution of the organization (this includes any substantial marketing campaigns initiated by the corporation). Compose a critical narrative in 2-4 pages that summarizes the journey of the organization from origination to current day.

- Select a leader from your organization’s current executive structure. Gain an understanding of their current role and responsibilities (and duration within their current position), the previous positions held and duration, education and training received, personal background of the individual (if available), personal data/statistics/details (age, location, family), and any relevant events or situations that may have had an impact on their professional evolution. Compose a brief biographical narrative in 1-2 pages that details their journey to their current day position.

- Compose an integrated analysis in 2+ pages that explains how your organization’s evolution through time has required different leadership structures based on your knowledge and understanding of text material: Leadership roles, leadership behaviors (task-oriented, behavior-oriented, change-oriented), and societal/economical/situational determinants. This analysis ultimately will culminate in the assessment of your selected leader’s characteristics (can be actual or assumed) and the implications that these leadership characteristics would or do have on the organization in present day. IN THE CONCLUSION, PLEASE EXPLAIN: “Collision of company journey & leader’s journey and whether it is a good fit or not”

PART TWO :  Create 6 PowerPoint slides .- Create a presentation for the class that will explain the following on SIX (ONLY) slides:

1) Your selected organization and how they impact us in today’s world,

2) A brief history of the origination and growth of the organization (this should include any relevant societal/historical details or events that played a role in organizational evolution),

3) An explanation of the current leadership structure within the organization including the names of key executives—In this slide, please introduce your selected Leader example.

4) An entire slide dedicated to sharing information about your Leader.

5) Your critical analysis of why this organization has evolved to needing/having this particular leadership structure, and your analysis of why this particular individual fits or does not fit the organization’s needs.

6) Indicate your vision of what the future looks like for this organization.

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