The Deliverables section below.

data mining


For this assignment, you will continue to work with the scenario you began in Chapters 1-5. Reread the information from each of these assignments at the end of each chapter.


1.Reread your selected scenario at the end of all previous chapters.

2.Read your scenario for Chapter 6 on pages 123-124.

3.Review the “Deliverables” section below.

4.Review the “Suggestions for Scenarios” section on page 124 of your textbook for important details and ideas to assist you with your deliverables.

5. Your final deliverable will be a script file that you create from your database. To generate an SQL Script, right click on the database, go to TASKS on the context menu, and then GENERATE SCRIPTS. In the wizard you should change “Script Data” from “false” to “true” and then generate a script of the database you have built to turn in.

I attached my question. We have to do the Vince's Vinyl.

I already did the normalized diagram for the database. I also attach the normalized diagram.

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