The dump trucks constitute personal property but the interest in the trucking business is not personal property



1.The October 16, 2006 document constitutes: I think it's either gift causa mortis (b) or codicil (f) a. inter vevos gift b. gift causa mortis c. last will & testament d. trust e. contract f. none of the above 2.The strongest argument as to why the October 16, 2006 document is considered a will is: a.It’s notarized b.It clearly intends to be of dispositive effect upon his death c.It indicated that he considers himself to be of sound mind. d.Mr. Faulkner executed the document before his death 3.The document is of no legal effect as it states “I would like to reschedule an appointment at which time I would like to make some changes” True or False 4.The dump trucks constitute personal property but the interest in the trucking business is not personal property. 

True or False (Would it be intangible personal property, meaning False?) 5.If Mr. Faulkner had come to you for advice before his death, what would be the best advice you could give him? a. He needed a will, power of attorney, and health care power of attorney b. He needed another witness for the October 16, 2006 document to be effective as a will 6.The fact that Roberta Reynolds Faulkner signed is of no legal effect. True or False 

7.Enforcement of the Document is barred by the Statute of Frauds. True or False 8.Francine Cuffie was the agent of: a.Lory Faulkner b.Roberta Reynolds-Faulkner c.Faulkner Trucking d.None of the Above THESE DO NOT PERTAIN TO THE PHOTO/DOCUMENT 9.Concurrent ownership means concurrent in time rather than concurrent in dignity or quality of the estate. True or False 10.The agent’s bankruptcy will terminate the agency relationship. True or False 11.Property that is involuntarily left is lost property? (Either lost or Mislaid) True or False 12.A life estate can be created by adverse possession. True or False 13.The possession of land without right is called tenancy in common. True or False 14.The Fair Housing Act establishes rent controls. True or False 15.An engagement ring is generally held to be a condition gift which must be returned if the engagement is called off regardless of fault. True or False 16.Two people get married and purchase a condominium in Maryland as tenants by entirety. Can either seek a sale in lieu of partition of the unit? Yes or No

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