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The Individual Research Project is a 4-6 page research paper. The submitted paper must be a doc file and in APA format. 

You are required to submit a creative, logically constructed report discussing a need (or needs) that you see in the eDiscovery world.  You are to offer an idea (or several) of a hypothetical company that could solve these problems.   
You are not expected to have an exhaustive knowledge of all of the companies that exist. Thus, your company does not have to be completely unique. Rather, the goal is to get you to think about the process of recognizing an industry need, and thinking about the steps of getting to a profitable company. A Reference page is required if you include any citations. Remember, the better you can justify your conclusions, the stronger the paper will be.  

  • These are the basic questions you must answer:
  • What is an eDiscovery Service that the Industry is lacking?
  • Why do I say this is a need?
  • What is the type of Company you would create?
  • Where in the EDRM does this company fit?
  • What are a few key decisions that you would have to make before you get started?
  • What would distinguish your company from others?
  • What are the real‐life companies that might be your “competitors”?
  • Why might you succeed?
  • Why might you fail? 

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