The effectiveness of any research instrument in eliciting responses depends



The effectiveness of any research instrument in eliciting responses depends to a large extent on how the instrument is structured and presented. Questionnaires are only as reliable as the questions (and answer choices) they contain. For this assignment, you analysed the wording of questions in a survey instrument, and then edited and improved them. For this work, you will take a closer look at questionnaire and survey design, and examine the steps involved in creating and deploying effective questionnaires, and collecting the data they produce. To prepare for this Collaboration: Read the Required Learning Resources ( please find below references). Reflect on the quantitative research process and methods. Examine the steps in questionnaire design.To complete this assignment:In 1000, write your response to the following issues/questions: Explain how you would ensure a high response rate to the questionnaires that you send in a marketing research project. 

Analyse the methods that researchers can employ in order to ensure that as many potential respondents participate as possible.You should respond to several of your fellow students in one or more of the following ways: Supporting others’ views or providing an alternative perspective Discussing ways in which your experiences are similar or different Asking probing questions to learn more about your colleagues’ views Extending the conversation into new but relevant areas Important note: Plagiarism Should not exceed 5%, or work will be rejected, Please Stick to the below references only use the below references. Learning Resources Wilson, A.M. (2011) Marketing research: an integrated approach. 3rd ed. [Electronic Book]. Harlow: Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Chapter 6, ‘Collecting quantitative data’ (pp.129-152)Chapter 7, ‘Designing questionnaires’ (pp.153-179)

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