The Essence of Leadership



Pedagogical aim and expectations:

To show the strengths and weaknesses of both your understanding so that the instructor can give feedback to assist you in the overall paper. This assignment will have no grade, just feedback as a means of letting you know how you are getting on.

Task 2:

19th of December 2019 submission

Assessment is by one assignment, a critical essay of 6000 words (100%) which integrates theory and practice. The assignment must include a clear structure with abstract, list of references, appendices, and diagrammatic representation where appropriate. You must make appropriate use of journal articles, research papers and texts.


The assignment must contain:


1. A critical literature review of key theories of the nature and exercise of leadership in organisations (40% of the available marks)

2. A critical evaluation of the behaviour of selected leaders that you have encountered in the course of your career, in relation to a range of theories of leadership (40% of the available marks)

3. A summary of the learning you can take from this assignment for your own practice and development as a leader (20% of the available marks)


To preserve confidentiality, please anonymise the organisation or organisations you discuss in the assignment, eg by calling them Company X, or Governmental Organisation Y, or International Organisation Z. Similarly, where you write about private individuals, call them manager A, or leader B.


Note the mark allocations to each part of the assignment.

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