The exam is an open book. Students can get help from books and lecture notes.



Instructions: Please read the below instruction before attempting the exam questions. 

1- The exam is an open book. Students can get help from books and lecture notes. 

2- Please write your full name, SAP ID, page number, and signature on top of each answer sheet. 

3- Please use good quality paper. 

4- Attempt all questions; marks and CLOs of each question are duly mentioned. 

5- For student’s queries, the course teacher will be available from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on zoom session. The link of zoom session will be shared at 9:50 am to the class whatsapp group. Please ask the relevant logical question. 

6- After completing the exam, please scan or take a good quality photograph of each answer sheet and convert it to PDF file in the correct ascending order. Save the PDF file using your name and SAP-ID. e.g., (Muhammad Ali 122121). Please make sure the converted PDF must be readable.

 7- If necessary, use online software to reduce the PDF file size. ( 

8- Upload PDF file on Moellim before the end time. For students having low internet speed, please start uploading well before the end time. 

9- The hardcopy of answer sheets must be retained by students until the announcement of results. 

10- Faculty have formed a zero-tolerance policy about cheating in examinations. Therefore, based on your exam answers sheets, if the teacher found any student involved in copying from peers will have an online viva session with the course teacher or get zero marks.

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