The executive team of a small board game company seeking assistance with setting up their Kickstarter campaign.

data mining



You were approached by the executive team of a small board game company seeking assistance with setting up their Kickstarter campaign. They must decide how much money to ask for and how to price special deals they want to offer to early backers/supporters (called rewards). The team has decided that they will need a minimum of $15,000 USD to get this project off the ground. However, they have ambitions of expanding the business and would like to maximize their funding.

Your Task

·         ks-data.sql

Use the setup instructions on the next two pages to complete the challenge, and the above data to complete the challenge. This challenge must be completed using the data set.


·         Use SQL to collect and organize your data, and then perform visualizations with the tool of your choice (Excel, Google Sheets etc.) to help the executives see your recommendations clearly.

·         Write a 2-4 page action-based business recommendation report to the company executives highlighting your thought process, findings, and recommendations.

·         The executive team are not specialists in the world of data. Keep that in mind and write your report to a non-technical audience.

·         You do not need to detail each step of your process in the report to the executives. - They are particularly interested in your results and how they can drive their business forward with support from your analysis.

·         Include an appendix to showcase your SQL code and any other analysis performed.

Submission format:

Please submit your Admissions Challenge as a zipped folder with the following items: - Your report as a PDF. - SQL Queries - Any Excel files or Google sheets used

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