The expectations and requirements for you to fulfil and complete this module will be different from your previous modules.





Project is a Final Year module and requires the application of business-related knowledge accumulated throughout the past semesters. The pre-requisite for this course is Research Methods (RES60104).


The expectations and requirements for you to fulfil and complete this module will be different from your previous modules.  Hence, please take some time to carefully read this module information booklet. Think about how you are going to approach this module and manage your time in order to get the most out of this learning experience.


You will need to refer to this handbook constantly throughout the semester so please keep it close at hand.



We wish you all the best in your studies.



Dr. Nan Jiang

Module Leader

Contact details


Name:              Dr. Nan Jiang

Level 9, Academic Suite

Block E, Wing A

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus




Extension:        5671   









This module mainly focuses on conducting academic research as well as project paper writing. It is regarded as the culmination/embodiment of all the essential knowledge as well as experiences that students have amassed in the course of completing their respective degree programmes (especially in relation to their chosen subject specialisations/functional business areas). Today, companies must continue to undertake research for surviving in the market and to stay ahead in their game.


Essentially, this module covers major aspects of academic research such as (i) formulation of research questions as well as objectives, (ii) critically reviewing established academic literature, (iii) designing and adopting appropriate research methods to conduct chosen research, etc. Clearly, in the course of completing the final year project, students have ample opportunities to integrate what they have learned – that is, to apply various business concepts and skills to successfully produce a project paper (no more than 10,000 words in length). Students are required to work independently (with close guidance from their respective supervisor) throughout the semester. This module also aims to develop transferable skills such as students’ time management skills, analytical skills, research skills and students’ ability to produce technical writing.

Please be reminded that in this semester, you will execute the research area/topic you and your supervisor have confirmed and documented in your research proposal. We strongly do not encourage you to change your research area/topic in this critical semester.


Students will need to have completed Research Methods (RES60104) in order to qualify for this module. 




















1.      To allow students to work independently on a project, manage their time and stakeholders and complete the project within a given timeframe.


2.      Equip students with thinking and knowledge required in business’ theories and practices to effectively analyse business activities.


3.      Builds the student’s ability to conduct research in accordance with ethical and legal practices; organise, analyse and synthesise information in answering the research questions.


4.      Build student’s ability to plan, develop and report an original research project addressing a significant issue in an area of business with the use of ICT and related technology. 




Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:


LO1:   To link the different multi-business concepts and theories to the dynamic activities in a real world


LO2:   Comprehend a wide variety of literature and demonstrate critical thinking skills in reviewing and

            critiquing academic research and form opinions.


LO3:   Organise and synthesise information at hand and arrive at workable solutions which are rooted

            from academic knowledge within a short time frame.


LO4:   Conduct research to address specific issues related to business.


LO5:   Demonstrate the ability to do scholarly writing in business fields through the use of IT and effective

            written communication skills

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