The expert didn't complete the assignment And because of that I missed the assignment deadline and got an automatic ZERO of the that.



"The expert didn't complete the assignment  And because of that I missed the assignment deadline and got an automatic ZERO of the that. Before I hire the expert I sent a file that clearly states the instructions of the assignment step by step. Yet, the expert didn't follow any of it and sent me a small part of the assignment that's not even complete!!! I contacted the expert MULTIPLE times since yesterday and I barely got a response!! I even asked the expert to fix the work and gave them an extra time to finish the work after the deadline and he/she didn't even bother to respond!!!!!! I"M SUPER ANGRY of this and I'm asking for a refund. This was my first time using the website and this happens!!! Review the attached files and the conversation between myself and the expert and see how the expert treated this work!!! Like why did they accepted to take the assignment and caused me all this, WHY??"

This too:

This expert have ignored my messages since the beginning, didn't even responded to me. I was SUPER clear about the assignment(check the files) yet he ignored all the instructions and didn't complete the work!! which made me miss the deadline of the assignment!!! even with that he tells me to submit the assignment late!! it's like he know my professor and he knows that he accept the LATE work!!! I'm not sure why is he even arguing about this when he didn't even finish the assignment even though I was nice and gave him a few hours of extension!!! Yet, he didn't respond again!!!!!!!! And that's why I called customer service!! I need justice here, and I will never stop until I get that no matter what it takes!!!!

The customer service response was this: (March 22)

it will 2-4 days and then message only if you are not getting it after 4 days. We have to through the process and will revert you accordingly.

And until this day April 6, my issue is NOT resolved!! I have sent multiple emails and didn't get any response!!! The tutor never finished the job I hired him for and I never got a refund, so I feel that I was scammed! I deserve a response here, or I will have to take a legal action against this website.

Please respond.

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