The fundamentals of economics



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A successful business model is a lot like the early stages of a new home construction; you start

by carefully placing a solid foundation called economics that provides support to the walls that

represent a framework of leadership that is expected to deliver substance, form, and protection.

A solid roof line represents a dramatic covering that models the standards of judgment that

business leader should demonstrate which focuses on uniform rules and encourages decision

making. Lastly, a valued structure such as this must be carefully observed and maintained

through constant oversight and care with all its complexity and individual characteristics it is

similar to action expected of any business leadership team, and we sometimes refer to this as

management. Managers are leaders who seek to find a balance between the needs of the

employees and the needs of the company, however with a combined determination to succeed

and be profitable. Leaders make decisions and use the experience to avoid the pitfalls of

unsettled risk and possible failure.

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