the general topic of the article/book (A sentence like, “The article explores the lives of foreign

general article writing


Writing the Article Review


• You need to provide the full bibliography of the text or piece you are reviewing. This is often

presented at the top of the page in regular APA format for a reference.

• An alternative is to embed it in the text, like this:

In her article, “Why ‘domestic’ work is a global issue”, Emily Rauhalla (2011) argues that…



Your introductory paragraph should be short (3-4 sentences in total). Here is the information you should

provide in the introduction:

• the author’s full name and his or her background/credentials

• the general topic of the article/book (A sentence like, “The article explores the lives of foreign

domestic workers, such as nannies”).

• the author’s perspective, bias, and/or basic outlook on the topic (OR this might appear in the

summary section. Do not put it in two times). An example is “The author provides an economic

perspective on the topic.”



At the end of the introductory paragraph, write your own thesis statement. This sentence basically

states your opinion of the piece, your overall rating. The thesis statement for an article review is

different from other kinds of thesis statements. Here are some features.


• not your opinion on the TOPIC (such as what you think about using foreign labour) but on

the quality of the article or the author’s argument

• Do NOT say something like

“I agree with Rauhala when she says that domestic work is wrong.”

• Present your opinion of the relationship between the strengths and weaknesses of the

article. Which is more significant?

• Use evaluative language (for example, adjectives such as well-argued, poorly-supported,

fallacious, concrete, intriguing, provoking…)

• Use your sentence structure to represent how the positive and negative are connected.

Thesis Structure: [Although] + less important, SVO (more significant).

Although Rauhala uses specific countries as illustrations, her discussion is weak because…

Although Rauhala perpetuates a cultural bias, she presents a clear argument…

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