The Giver a utopian novel



At first glance, The Giver would seem to be a utopian novel, a story of a perfect society. No one is hungry, no one is jobless, no one is without a family, etc. But in reality, this novel is dystopian, which is just the opposite a story about a very bad place. In this world, the Elders have attempted to create a utopia, a perfect place, but instead what they have created is a place where there is no choice, no diversity, no history, and no true freedom. In one scene, the children are given their jobs by the Elders, who have observed the children and watched them develop. The Elders determine the job that each child will train for and ultimately have when they grow up. Using at least two quotes from the book, explain your view of the way that people are given their life’s work in this novel. Are you for or against this? Why? Back up your answer with the quotes from the story that you have chosen.

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