the head-complement model of family structure



According to Shaw and Lee (Ch. 7, the head-complement model of family structure and power tends to encourage women to work in the labor force and then put in another’s day’s work in the home. True____ False____ In 1963, 60% of married women with children were working True____ False ____ As discussed in class, the following issues often challenge women’s advancement in the work place: a. Women often lack significant management experience to get the top jobs. b. Women are not included in the informal networks that are critical to success c. Women often choose lower level jobs d. (a) and (b) e. All of the above In the “Constitutional Argument,” Susan B.

 Anthony said that it was an injustice that women should have to endure taxation without being allowed into military service. True___ False ___ 5. The author of “Delinquent Girls” (Doyle Hugmeyer) suggests that, over time, girls have a lesser number of arrests for ‘status” offenses. True____ False ____ 6. In the context of Susan B. Anthony’s speech “Constitutional Argument,” what crime was she accused of committing: a. contempt of court in asserting her right to vote b. physically attempting to vote c. gathering signatures for a petition for women’s suffrage 7. The European way of living, according to Audre Lorde, relies solely upon: a. Emotion b. Objectivity c. Ideas and cognition d. All of the above 8. Doyle Hagmeyer suggests that the juvenile justice system perpetuates gender oppression for girls. True_____ False _____ 9. Within most US families, power is assigned primarily according to gender and age. True ___ False_____ 10. Emma Goldman wrote that the institution of marriage made women a a. Shrew b. Parasite c. Tyrant d. Trophy 11. In “Betrayed by the Angel,” Davis wrote that during her rape she a. Fought for her life b. Was worried about being killed c. Screamed and yelled d. Was relatively passive e. Both (a) and (c) f. Both (b) and (d) 12. The ways that boys tend to be given more freedom in the family than girls to explore and experience their sexuality is an example of: a. Heterosexism b. Double standard of sexual conduct c. Gender ambiguity d. Both (b) and (c) e. All of the above 13. In “Beyond the Politics of Inclusion,” on violence and women of color, Smith calls for what framework for addressing violence? a. Local grassroots decision-making b. Human rights focus c. International treaties d. All of the above 14. According to UNICEF, approximately 30% of females trafficked for the sex trade are minor children or teenagers. True ____ False____ 15 . In analyzing issues around women and labor, the following working concepts are key: a. Unionizing b. Work-life balance c. Sexual harassment d. Glass ceiling issues e. Gendered allocation of work f. All of the above g. (b),(c), (d) and (e) 16. According to Diane Halpern, “the silent revolution” refers to: a. Increasing demands on corporations by working mothers b. The steadfast increase of mothers with young children into the workforce. c. Women’s activism in the labor movement d.(a) and (b) 17. According to Diane Halpern of the American Psychological Association, the world of work is currently organized around two income earners. True_____ False_____ 18. In “Fear of Feminism”, Hogeland says there is no distinction between gender consciousness and feminist consciousness. True____ False ____ 19. Approximately 66% of married women with a child under 2 are working in the USA True___ False ___ 20. In a study conducted by Catalyst, top women managers perceived women to be better at “take care” behaviors. True ____ False____ ESSAY QUESTIONS Each question should take NO LESS than 3 PARAGRAPHS in a 12 point font (should I choose to print it) Please note that exams that do not meet these parameters will not be accepted. WARNING: Please REFRAIN from over using direct quotes from the texts. They take up space that you could use to articulate your argument.

 This could DISQUALIFY the question if it is not supported by your ideas and thoughts. Thank you. 1- In our final slide, I discuss the top ten concerns of college women in the US according to a University of Michigan survey. Please choose among the concerns listed and, using class materials and content, discuss 3 of them according to your perspective. BE SURE TO SUPPORT your arguments and statements with class materials from discussions to readings. 2- Chapter 13 closes the book by revisiting the promise of gender studies and discussing how feminist practice may improve the quality of women’s lives in contemporary U.S. society. It discusses activism and the way individuals, groups, and communities can work to effect change and explores issues associated with feminist activism. What does it mean to say that all knowledge is associated with power? Please discuss one of the 3 social trends in terms of changing future population as discussed in the text? What is meant by global feminism and why is it important today? Shaw and Lee text and Valenti text

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