The law of real property in England and Wales



I have an assignment due on the law of real property in England and Wales, which is:

“The law on real property is often slow to develop. As a result, changes in the law have frequently failed to keep up with changes in society.”

Critically discuss this statement with reference to the law on land registration

You should draw on case law, statute and academic opinion in your answer.

I need to achieve at least an A- for this paper. The word limit is 2,500 and references should use OSCOLA footnoting and bibliography. I have attached my marking criteria and a PowerPoint briefing on how the question has to be answered to achieve the best marks. The answer must relate the law in England and Wales. 

I need th3e assignment on the 29th of January Deadline is 29th January 2017
Please refer to the attached marking guides and the power point slides on how to answer,
Thank you
Download Attachments: 
Coursework Briefing2016.pptx 
Standard Marking Criteria.pdf

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