The learner will be able to enhance his/her participation during the lessons. Partially achieved! He could not sit still, always talkative who always blurted out answers in class without thinking and raising up his hand.



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The learner will be able to enhance his/her participation during the lessons.

Partially achieved! He could not sit still, always talkative who always blurted out answers in class without thinking and raising up his hand..Paul exhibited mostly bad behaviour and lack of participation during the majority of the lessons especially the English lesson. But on the other hand during the second term whenever Paul participated during lessons by showing effort, putting up his hands and telling his own opinion about topic discussed, was always frequently praised and whenever he got something wrong, he was always encouraged by teachers and lses that we should not be afraid and we learn a lot from our mistakes. Paul was always placed next to hard working and quiet students to help him participate more. Participated a lot during preferred activities (but every 30 minutes you have to change topic and regular intervals as he tends to get fed up easily).Clear and concise instructions will enhance his ability to comply. He approved a lot pc games (related to topics discussed) and one to one sessions (reading books (his level), visuals, games and exercises).  He also participated a lot during Pe lessons. Sometimes he tended as well to misbehave, depending on his mood but he listened to the teacher carefully and followed step by step what needs to be done. Same applies to Art lessons. (Always depending on his mood).

The learner will be able to show interest in what is happening.

Partially achieved - During the first term Paul constantly fidgeted and squirmed. He moved constantly and talked excessively especially during writing activities (even adapted ones) because he did not like writing. Instead of showing interest he always disrupted other peers and intruded on others answers and conversations Lse and teacher prompted him persistently to show interest during activities and explanations.  During the second term Paul showed slightly improvement by improving his sitting tolerance and showing interest during lessons (especially during English sentences and drawing).  When he finished off his classwork (depending on his mood) He always went next to the teacher to show his work done.  Whenever he showed interest he was constantly rewarded and praised even informing his mum about his willpower to improve). Paul showed great interest during favourite activities, show and tell and lessons like computer activities and pe lessons. Still needs to show interest during Social Studies and Maths lesson as he did not even look at the book and even tried to talk to other students having no idea what was going on.

The learner will be able to attend a non-preferred task/ group activity/individual task, without protest and remain on task with no task avoidance.

Not achieved - During a non-preferred task, still had to work out and write same task but amount of work was reduced, Instructions were concise and rules were clear so that he will not get any excuses or gets frustrated, Paul disliked to read composition, books and even wrote compositions during the first term.   Whenever there was  a short paragraph (Reading comprehension ) amount of questions were reduced but when composition was too long it was adapted ( powerpoints , flashcards , computer acts )even the questions but he still had to write ,  as he tended to shake his head to and fro because he disliked writing and asked to leave class several times to avoid class activities .. Lse and all the class teacher applauded and praised the child whenever he completed tasks and write neatly.    During the second term he still avoided these type of tasks even if were adapted. Lse used lots of prompting and  regular intervals .This helped him to complete it carefully (even one to one sessions).  He had to stay in several times during break time as he did not finish off his work on purpose because he wasted a lot of time playing(waiting for the bell to ring ) and go outside.  .

The learner will be able to begin working without complaint and according to teacher's directions

Not achieved. Lse and teacher always explained work step by step. He always got furious and always complained that a lot of work was given. Even if it was adapted.  Paul did not even listen to the class teacher. While teacher was explaining he started playing with the stationery, dropped everything on the floor on purpose and ignored teacher and lse completely. Lse and teacher warned him several times to pay attention as afterwards he got confused what needs to be done. Always when he started working, he always said “Can I go outside to play? “instead of writing.

 The learner will be able to listen as the teacher gives instructions.

Not achieved -During the first and second term Paul always disregarded teacher’s instructions. Lse and teacher always prompted student to listen carefully as he will get confused to finish off the task given. 

(Student will read 4-6 word sentence without stammering (both English and Maltese)..

Partially achieved. Regarding reading level year 3 books, always choose a quiet area) he is able to read out loud (help him more focus on each word) very simple words from 4 to 6 words.  He had to read books in English and Maltese where he had to observe carefully the front cover and write points, turn one page at a time, read carefully and complimentary teacher with lse assistance chooses 5 words from the book where he had to write a sentence about each word he chose. Always take breaks for movement.  He had to choose as well a sentence from the book and write it in his own way than teacher will correct it. Then we talk about what we had just read as he and choose other 4 sentences from the book jumbled up (papers cut) and he had to put sentences in order .Also games were given to help Paul enjoy putting sentences in order as he approves very much computer games. He had even picture composition to write stories and even to put pictures in order and pictures with questions related to the picture.  Regarding Reading he needs to read more in English and Maltese as his reading level is low comparing to others  and develop his vocabulary skills as during school reading activities he was able to read only simple books as he tends to get fed up easily. When he sees lots of words (chunks) he gets frustrated and starts stuttering.  (Audio books were also used as well).  Reading in class was always a big problem for him as he tends to get nervous especially if there is noise in the background.

Student will carry our hw neatly (especially the English hw)

Not achieved –Paul was always given reduced amount of homework or adapted as he gets nervous to carry out homework neatly and right. He is a fidgety child and always moving-rocking back and forth in his chair (same applies to cw), or frequently clicking his pen. He is unable to stay focused. He always rushed through his work (even cw with regular intervals) and just wanted it done as quickly as possible. The majority he came to school with hw undone or incomplete hw even was adapted. Certain times he torn and crumpled papers from the communication book on purpose so that he won’t tell his mum that had to do homework.

Student will be able to wait for his turn after 2 to 3 peers.

Achieved –during the first term Paul had always trouble waiting for his term during classroom activities or when playing games with other children. But with lots of propting and clear instructions, during the second term he was able to wait for his turn after 3 to 4 peers without getting nervous, Paul was rewarded when he was patient and waited for his turn

Will learn to be more responsible for his belongings.

Not achieved-Paul is not responsible enough for his belongings (disorganised). Had problems with forgotten or lost homework as he tended to leave several book ad copybooks, shirts, underneath his desks. Lost books and copybooks without being responsible and concipus that he had to return books back to the class teacher. Sometimes he does not do it on purpose but for sure he needs to be more responsible. 

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