The method of organization and development.



What is your narrowed topic? Write up to 50 words to provide details.

[Write the Topic of your essay.]

Who is your intended primary audience or reader? Why? Write up to 150 words in your

answer about your audience.

[Discuss the intended audience for this essay.]

What is your working thesis statement; be sure to include your reasons of support. Write

what the thesis statement (The thesis statement that you think you will use it can be

modified when doing your rough draft if need be) as it will appear in your essay.)

What method of organization and development will you use to develop your paragraphs?

Block or Point by Point? Why do you think this method would suit your topic?

Then choose one of the two following outline guides.

There are two outline formats, one for a point by point compare/contrast

essay, followed by a basic format for a block method.

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