The New Population Bomb: The Four Megatrends That Will Change the World, Jack



SOC135_ Assignment 2 - 10% of the total (marked out of 30).

Due: 11:00pm Class 8.

Please answer the following questions based on the readings. The readings covered are: 

The New Population Bomb: The Four Megatrends That Will Change the World, Jack A. Goldstone.

Adolescent Fertility in Nigeria: Implications for Economic Growth, Oziengbe Scott Aigheyisi, Blessing O. Oligbi


 Q1. The author discusses the four mega-trends, namely Europe’s Reversal of Fortunes, Aging Pains, Youth and Islam in the Developing World, and Urban Sprawl. Explain each trend briefly (4x3 =12 marks).

Q2. Discuss what the author meant by ‘Diffusing the Bomb’? Also provide your viewpoints about the author's point of view any example if needed. (3+3 =6 marks)

Q3. What is adolescent fertility rate? Discuss minimum 3 impacts of adolescent fertility rate on economic growth in Nigeria based on the article. (3+9 =12 marks)

Length: Try to be specific and to the point. There is no page limits. For a guide write minimum 4 and max 7 pages for all 3 questions, using double spaced 12 point font. Contents matter more than the length. ATTACH A WORD FILE.

Citing Sources: Provide references using APA style if you have used sources other than the above articles.

Marking will be based on the following criteria:

Written in your own words and sentences.

Referred to the data from the article 

Answered all the components of the question

Answers sufficiently address the key points and provides enough evidences.

Information are accurate, writing is original and has analyzed critically. 

The submission is via SafeAssign, make sure that you paraphrase and do not copy anything from the artilces. Your matching percentage must be less than 20% in safeassign and make sure to make necessary changes to your submission if needed.

Submit via the link- ‘Submit Assignment -2 HERE’ found on ‘TESTS, BLOGS, ASSIGNMENTS, EXAM’ menu on the left hand side menu bar. 

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