The original text is "THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY" by Samuel Warren and Luis Brandeis. The secondary text is a hypothetical situation:



The original text is "THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY" by Samuel Warren and Luis Brandeis. The secondary text is a hypothetical situation: Jack and Jill are married. Jack is invited by co-worker Jane to the concert but does not tell his wife Jill. Jane uses a "check-in", geolocating application like foursquare to check in to the concert and mentions Jack's name in the post. Jack is not a member of the application and has not consented to the application tracking his location or accessing his contacts. Jane consents to the privacy agreement and thus lets the application access her contacts and contact the people on the list. Jack is on Jane's email list being her co-worker. He receives the email checking Jane in to the concert and mentioning his name. He shares an email inbox with his wife and she sees the email. She thinks her husband is cheating on her and immediately files for divorce. Over time Jack wins her back and convinces her the concert was innocent. In the mean time, rumors of their divorce circulate and negatively impacts both Jack and Jill's social standing. The gossip ruins Jills chance of running for mayor and Jack's chance of making partner in his law firm. 

The couple now back together and hurt by the actions of the gossip and Jane, want retribution. They hold Jane responsible and feel like their privacy was breached. They are pursuing legal action for the breach of privacy. From my perspective, there is two breaches of privacy: 1. Mabel sending the email about jack and 2. the gossip that ruined both of their career prospects. Warren and Brandeis talk about how one of those is a breach of privacy and the other is not because of a limitation provided. The prompt asks to write a thesis-driven paper (6 pages in length) which applies the arguments in W & B’s text to the scenario and comes to useful conclusions about how the two fit together. Use part of the conclusion to discuss the stakes or some of the motivators and driving forces behind the main point that you’re making I can answer the prompt of how the two fit together, but I need some help formulating another dimension to the thesis that provides an argument or claim (from the text and with a more narrowly focused scope) that provides my ideas a certain uniqueness

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