the problem of identity theft in terms of monetary implications to victims and the government



Discuss the problem of identity theft in terms of monetary implications to victims and the government. Case Summary: Topic is: Digital Evidence by Kathryn E. Scarborough and Kelli Frakes- Eastern Kentucky University, Marc Rogers and Cristiana San Martin, and Purdue University. Even in today's day and age, many cyber crimes go unreported. In chapter 24, the author examine the perceptions of law enforcement and prosecutors in regard to their understanding of , along with the issues that surround, the prevention, detection, and investigation of electronic crime. What did their study's findings conclude? Executive decisions: Quote :After you have answer this question, i then need you to explain why you answer it the way you did. As a detective with the 15th Percinct, you have been assigned to a case in which Janet Smith claims that her 5 year old son told her that he saw "pictures of children without clothes on daddy's computer"- John Smith. It should be also be noted that both parents are fighting for primary custody of their son. How would you proceed with this investigation? Do you have probable cause to obtain a search warrant? If so, on what grounds? Additional Requirements

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