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The assignment is as follows:The process of learning begins with experiences that are etched upon the brain. The brain is an organ of learning, and learning is biological. The purpose of this project is to explore the brain as it relates to learning and teaching. You are a new teacher in an Arizona public school. Your administrator has asked you to give a presentation about the learning process to the parents of your students. Create a presentation using PowerPoint or Google Presentation (free online software) of 15-25 slides that responds to the items below: What does it mean when we say the best predictor of a child's learning is what they already know? Explain in detail how we learn. Explain the teachers' and parents' roles in teaching and learning. How are teaching and learning connected? Describe the regions of the brain and their functions. How do the regions of the brain apply to school performance and learning? What are the relationships of brain functions that are specific to literacy and learning? What does it mean to teach to the brain? What are brain abnormalities? How do brain abnormalities impact learning (and teaching) in the classroom? The slides should be appealing; use key words and phrases, as well as diagrams and pictures.

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