The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were both major empires



The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were both major empires, it were their prime, but they both fell. The reasons for the falters had their difference, but also drew many similarities. one of the major things that led to the fall of Rome was the rise of Christianity. before Christianity became prominent in Rome the Romans practiced polytheistic religion that was centered upon gods and goddesses. when Christianity was introduced to Rome, those who followed it were prosecuted. Christianity was more practiced by Romans of lower economic standing, which furthered the wedge between the rich and wasn't until 313 C.E that Roman emperor Constantine the great declared that christian religion be tolerated. within the next century Christianity became the official religion of the Roman emperor. the transition was not without issue. the new religion altered policy and pushed away many of Romans old traditions and customs. the emperor also lost much authority, because he was no longer believed to be of godly decent. this loss of credibility and official stance weakened the order system. emperor Constantine their spite the empire in two. one half was orthodox christian and the other Roman catholic. dividing the empire was a poor decision and helped weakened the empire further.

 The Han Dynasty was the political, economic, military, and cultural center of China. in 9 C.E a government official and member of a powerful family named Wang Man unsurped the throne and took control. much like Rome the Han Dynasty faced problems regarding separation of the rich and poor. Wang Man used the social and political issues to easily take the throne. In fighting of the rich and poor was taking a great toll on government. things only got worse when Wang Man decided to reform the social order by altering how land ownership worked. he degreed that all the large estates be cut down and the land be divided among the poor. the aristocrats were most displeased with this. after many years of failure to fix the unfair land ownership problems arose. 

there was a present rebellion and Wang Man was disposed of. the next emperor move the capital after the rebellion. the Han bloodline faced many deaths and toxic political state of the empire caused more rebellion and weakened the empire making way for Dong Zhou to conquer the capital and dissolve the empire. rapid changes in largely important social customs led to the undoing of both the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty.both societies caused separation between rich and poor. by separating people economically or religiously bolt empires weakened themselves and left their selves open for attack.

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