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For all modules:  1,000-word reaction papers should use only ideas and information from assigned readings, videos, and links and your own ideas.  No sources besides these should be used.  This paper should be the result of your experience with these texts.  Your paper should contain quotations from assigned resources, but no more than 20% of your paper should be quoted.  Your own ideas, in reaction to and in conversation with the texts, should be the focus of the paper.  References to assigned texts, videos, and links must be cited in MLA style.  You can see the basics of the MLA style here: ( - see web link.

For this module, your paper should answer the following question: 

The second sentence of The Scarlet Letter undermines many of the Utopian American dreams that came before.  Pick one writer from earlier in the semester (for a challenge, don’t pick a Puritan! but its ok if you do) and place that writer in conversation with The Scarlet Letter.  Choose passages your writer and Hawthorne that address the same theme, and comment on the state of the American experiment as Hawthorne sees it in 1850.

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