The state of your technology with respect to both organizational capabilities and of evaluation of the innovation or technology.

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The subject is "Google Car".

Goal: Review of the state of your technology with respect to both organizational capabilities (to the extent that you can) and of evaluation of the innovation or technology. 

Please add this content to the growing body of your homework assignments, making updates to the preceding elements as needed, and maintaining the reference list at the end of the combined document. Continue the conversion into a coherent analysis document, and not a collection of homework items, if you haven’t already done that. 

Topics to be addressed relative to your technology for this week include:

1.The impact of this innovation in relation to Porter’s Five-Forces model. Consider using a diagrammatic form to show this impact. Look at as one source for a drawing tool that allows you to fill in explanatory text for your thoughts on impacts of the innovation on the various forces.

2. What core competencies will be required to make each player in the market successful? Include both the primary creator of the technology, as well as references to creators or makers of complementary technologies or capabilities. For those various players, what core rigidities might impede them?

3. Project selection considerations – imagine you are presenting this innovation for consideration by the primary market player as to whether they should enter (or remain in) this market. Choose one of the evaluation methods outlined in Chapter 7 and work through it. Most likely, since we don’t have access to much quantitative information, the Screening Questions model laid out in Chapter 7 will be most appropriate. Use a reasonable selection of the Screening Questions, if you use that model.

This should add 2-3 pages (single-spaced, about 800-1300 words) to your document to cover all the topics requested.

References should, again, include pointers to any source you referenced (whether you quoted it or just used its ideas). Be consistent with your citation style.

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