The Stranger By Albert Camus, Movie: Werner Herzog film collection: The Enigma of Kasper Hauser



The Stranger By Albert Camus, Movie: Werner Herzog film collection: The Enigma of Kasper Hauser You have now read two of the most famous examples of the unreliable narrator—Meursault (The Stranger )—and watched an example by one of the masters of the unreliable narrator in the medium of film, Werner Herzog. Though we cannot fully trust the accounts, what is it that we can know about the three male characters?

 About their experiences? What do we know from the information that, Camus and Herzog omit from their respective narratives? Your goal for this paper is to find where two of these characters intersect as they set off on the paths that are so painstakingly described for us, that is so painstakingly shaped by the societies in which they respectively exist. Remember that this is a close reading paper; outside sources are not necessary. It is often— if not always—easier to notice and analyze between people. This paper challenges you to find where they are also, more importantly, the same. 

This is where you will have to think critically about the characters you choose and provide textual evidence to support your conclusions. Outside in—meaning, you are analyzing the character's environmental factors that contributed to the development of their respective identities inside out—meaning, you are looking at the mental, emotional, behavioral aspects that form the identities of your chosen characters. Yes. Outside and inside are complexly linked. It is crucial to note where and when this is true for your characters.

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