The symbol table for the C-Compiler

computer science


Symbol table for the C-Compiler

V.N. Venkatakrishnan


In this homework, we will take a break (!!) from learning about tools such as flex and focus

on more conventional programming. Note that, the module we will write is an important

part of the C-compiler called the Symbol Table Module.


You must do this homework by yourself.

There are two parts to the “hand-in” of this homework. The first will be a symbol table

module for the C-language (details below). The second will be an essay on your experience

in doing this homework. Your essay should be at least 10 lines describing your experience

with this homework pointing out what you learnt in the homework, your positive outcomes

and any difficulties encountered. I welcome any criticism / suggestions about this homework,

and in general, about all the homeworks so far. You can also write about on how you well

you understand the the “big picture” of building a compiler based on all the homeworks so


Handout Instructions

The material needed for this homework is available on course website. Everything

is in one tar archive called symtabhw.tar.

Start early!!

Start by copying symtabhw.tar to a (protected) directory in which you plan to do your

work. (Note: It is your responsibility to protect your work; Since you are doing a practical

course in developing a compiler, you are expected to keep your work confidential. If you

do not know how to set up permissions under Unix, please do so before you begin this

homework). Then give the command “tar xvf symtabhw.tar”. This will cause a number

of files to be unpacked in the directory:

globals.h: File containing some global constants.

Makefile: A makefile that you can use to compile your submission.

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