The Three Ralphs & story article assignment help

general article writing


Read " The Three Ralphs &  story (found in Resources section).

Describe how you can use the idea(s) behind this story to explain why differentiated instruction is fair for all

students. Your response should be approx. 1/2 - 1 page.

Use Word for your description. Use complete sentences.

Use the attached rubric to guide your work.

Criteria Passed Not Passed

Assignment directions


All directions for the

assignment were followed.

At least one direction for

the assignment was not


Description relates key

the idea(s) of the story to

fairness in differentiated


A description is incomplete.


The description does not relate

the idea(s) from story to

fairness with


Professionalism Assignment has no

spelling or grammar errors.

Assignment has spelling or

grammar errors.

Passing: Score of “Passed” for each criterion.

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