The work should be original work done by the student concerned. The size of the report would depend on the project undertaken. However it must be typed on A4 size paper with1.5 line spacing.



Research Project (BBA)

Course Name: Industrial Research Project

Semester: VI

Course Code: BBAD9999

Course Credits: 9


General Guidelines for Research Project

The work should be original work done by the student concerned. 

The size of the report would depend on the project undertaken. However it must be typed on A4 size paper with1.5 line spacing.

All the students are required to use uniform font and format (except in heading and subheadings) throughout the text of the report. For example, if anybody uses “Times New Roman” of font size 12 in the text, then he/she will be using the same throughout the report.

The project report must accompany a certificate authenticating the originality of the work done in the prescribed format, as indicated below.

Each student will make two copies of project report in the recommended format. One copy is to be submitted to School office after due approval from the Faculty Guide on or before the due date. The students will keep one copy of the project for their further reference in future.

Each student is required to make a copy of project in CD and submit along with his/her project report.


·         Students have to present themselves before the faculty mentors allocated to them twice a month for progress review, guidance and supervision starting January 25th, 2020. (Eligibility criterion to appear for the Viva-Voce is 75% attendance with the mentor. Faculty mentor must keep the record of students on regular basis).

·         Dates for Visiting the Faculty Mentor

·         25th January

·         8th , 22nd and 29th  February

·         14 and 28 March

·         11 and 25th April

·         In addition to these dates students can also meet their mentors when they require their guidance by taking prior permission from them.


·         The Research project shall be divided into 3 Phases:

a)      Phase -1

            Project Synopsis

 The project synopsis should be prepared in consultation with the guide. The guide                      should approve your project synopsis by February 8th, 2020.

The project synopsis needs to be prepared keeping in mind the following points

 a) Title of the project (Maximum 20 words)

b) Introduction and Objectives of the Study (Maximum 200 words)

c) Problem Statement (including Literature Review) ( Maximum 500 words)

d) Research Methodology and References (Maximum 500 words)


Submission of project synopsis should be done as a hard copy.


Do’s & Don’ts for preparing project synopsis


I) Do’s

Use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) project objectives

 Select an appropriate topic and title related to your specialization

Your objectives should relate to the topic chosen

II) Don’ts

 Don’t use past tense, except under literature review.

Do not formulate more than 5 objectives.

III) Other points to remember

Ensure that you do not submit plagiarised content for synopsis approval.

b.      Phase II

Research/Project work

After approval of your synopsis by your faculty mentor, you can start working on your project. If it is a project based on primary data you can proceed for field work under the supervision of your guide.

If your project is descriptive, you can start the in-depth study of your topic, taking guidance from your mentor.


b)     Phase III

Project Evaluation

Evaluation Pattern for the project is based on Synopsis and Internal Assessment (IA) (50 %) and Project report and Viva-Voce (50%) towards External Examination(EE).


The Viva Voce will be scheduled in the fourth week of April, 2020. The date shall be intimated to you in due course of time.

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