This assignment involves the creation of a research plan for proposed research. This should focus on the topic identified in Research Theory & Practice. Note that this is an individual assignment and not a group assignment.

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Research plans must be a maximum of 3000 words, not including title pages and references; while I will not take off points for proposals that are too long or short, this number should be taken as a guideline, not an absolute. Keep in mind that merely reaching the minimum page limit will not ensure that your proposal is adequate. Please submit in .pdf or .docx format.

Plans will require the following sections:

  1. Introduction: This introduces the research area, through using relevant literature. References of other literature are encouraged in this section. This should be quite brief, but clearly motivate the question being researched.
  2. Hypothesis & Research Aims:  This section clearly outlines the aims of the research and the hypotheses/research question (s) being addressed.
  3. Primary Research Method & Analysis Description: This section should describe and justify the type of primary method and analysis chosen, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of the research method and analysis.
  4. Proposed secondary method & analysis: As well as your primary form of data gathering, you should identify one other potential method of research and analysis that could be used in conjunction with your primary research method and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this.This does not have to be expanded upon in the Planned Method section. Only identifying a potential method, its benefits and drawbacks are necessary.
  5. Planned Method: This should follow the appropriate method section structure identified for your research method type (e.g. quantitative or qualitative research). This will be outlining in more detail the approach that you decide to take forward as your primary method. 
  6. Ethical implications: You should identify and discuss the ethical implications of the primary method you have outlined.
  7. Tutorial exercise appendix: You should include documentation of all of the tutorial exercises and homework that you have conducted. All tutorial exercises need to be completed. If this is not included, the report will not be marked.




You must use APA (American Psychological Association) format for your citations. We expect all students to adhere to the university’s plagiarism policy

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