This assignment is due Tuesday February 23rd, 2021 at 22:00 Pacific Time.

computer science


This assignment is due Tuesday February 23rd, 2021 at 22:00 Pacific Time. Assignments submitted within 24 hours after the deadline will be accepted, but a penalty of up to 15% will be applied. Please follow these guidelines: 

• Prepare your solution using LATEX, and submit a pdf file. Easiest will be to use the .tex file provided. For questions where you need to select a circle, you can simply change \fillinMCmath to \fillinMCmathsoln . 

• Enclose each paragraph of your solution with \begin{soln}Your solution here...\end{soln}. Your solution will then appear in dark blue, making it a lot easier for TAs to find what you wrote. 

• Start each problem on a new page, using the same numbering and ordering as this assignment handout. 

• Submit the assignment via GradeScope at Your group must make a single submission via one group member’s account, marking all other group members in that submission using GradeScope’s interface. 

• After uploading to Gradescope, link each question with the page of your pdf containing your solution. There are instructions for doing this on the CPSC 121 website, see https://www.students.cs.ubc. ca/~cs-121/2020W1/index.php?page=assignments&menu=1&submenu=3. Ignore the statement about group size that is on that page.

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