This assignment is to look at a creative individual that you, personally, find interesting and perhaps inspiring.

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By the end of this assignment students will be able to

  • assess the real-world character factors that can contribute to an individual’s creativity;
  • post relevant questions to elicit candid information from an interviewee; use course content in your questions!!
  • identify the external situations that foster the emergence of a creative personality;
  • identify whether or not the individual leveraged constraints in the development of their creative processes;
  • identify generalized hypotheses as to factors that lead to a person being deemed creative; and
  • apply the principles that enhance creativity to their own lives.


This assignment is to look at a creative individual that you, personally, find interesting and perhaps inspiring. 

1.     Select a creative individual. This person can be someone you know personally or someone you have been introduced to through work or other professional networks.

2.     Create questions that you believe will elicit information about the sources of that individual’s creativity.

3.     Interview that individual.

4.     Describe what identifies that person as creative person the “Question and Answer” format. 

5.     Write, in the “Q&A” format, a paper that describes what contributed to that person’s creativity.  Through your questions as well as their answers, try to identify underlying concepts and techniques that set these creative individuals apart from others. 

6.     Through your questions you should hypothesize generalizations as to the reasons why this individual is creative, based on the creative blocks they avoid, the constraints they leverage, and the character attributes they demonstrate.

7.     Your interview should be 1,000 words excluding the title page and reference page, and should follow APA referencing style when references are used.

8.     Your “Q&A” paper should include a short introduction and conclusion to the interview.

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