This assignment will require the use of quantitative tools and qualitative analysis in responding to the assignment requirements.



This assignment will require the use of quantitative tools and qualitative analysis in responding to the assignment requirements.


For this assignment, you are expected to select a company and three competitors from the same industry and prepare an analytical report in which you will critically evaluate, analyse, discuss and comment on the key issues in the financial appraisal.

You will be expected to use the latest financial statements of the companies.

The report will make reference to scholarly research and explicitly address the following:

  • An analysis of the current business and financial health of your company. You are expected to employ financial ratios and the Altman Z-score (specific formulas for different types of companies) to examine the financial health of your chosen company in comparison to its competitors.
  • A research evaluation and critical analysis of the industry sector and a financial analysis of three other companies in the same sector
  • You can benchmark based on prior years’ data.
  • A critical appraisal of the financial strengths and weaknesses of your chosen company compared to the listed competitors.
  • A critical evaluation of the financial techniques (i.e., ratio and the Z-score) applied in the analysis.
  • Recommendations suitable for your company on how they can achieve the changes you feel are necessary.
  • A reasoned conclusion and summary of your findings.
  • Use charts bar graphs etc., to visualize your findings.

The report will be assessed base on the financial techniques employed and a critical discussion of the subject literature, not on a “right” conclusion.

Report (100%) (Main body) should not materially exceed 2,500 words, excluding bibliography / references, appendices and tables.

Detailed calculations used in the report should be documented in an appendix, with the results in the main body.

Assignment grading


Less than 70%




Introduction and Background

Limited introduction on the topic and aims and objectives of the assignment

Focused topic, but incomplete aims and objectives. Context is incomplete

Aims and objectives clearly articulated in the introduction. Context very well-articulated

Excellent introduction. The  aims, objectives and roadmap of the report provided

Understanding of key issues

Minimal understanding of the key issues surrounding the topic

Key issues identified, but are lacking in focus and development

Good understanding of the key issues; but, fail to contextualize the importance

Excellent understanding of the key issues and contextualizing the importance

Evidence of Research

Little evidence of research other than citing the literature; important work not cited; key evidence ignored

Evidence of reading; Literature and key concepts applied, but not adequately developed

Very good use of the literature; use literature to analyze arguments and support the findings

Demonstrate high level of scholarship; engage critically with the literature; publishable report

Performance Measures

Identification and application of the ratios are weak and lack awareness regarding the key aims and objectives

Identification and application of the ratios  is reasonably researched covering the key ones with generally sound arguments

Identification and application of the ratios is well researched covering the key ones with informed and rationalized arguments

Identification and application of the ratios  is critically researched with insightful arguments covering all key sources and arguments


Mostly descriptive; no analysis of the key issues; data analysis inaccurate

Some critical analysis; arguments contains inaccuracies

Relevant analysis; good use of the ratio measures in the analysis

Comprehensive analysis; utilized  both the ratio measures and literature in the analysis

Presentation, evaluation of evidence, clarity, structure and conclusion

Some evidence provided; poor citation; lack of structure; grammatical mistakes

Appropriate evidence  assessed critically; weak interpretation of the findings; reasonable and clear presentation; few grammatical mistake

Critical assessment of the selected literature; use literature  to inform arguments; some evidence of independent thought; demonstrate good writing skills; accurate citation; very few grammatical errors

Excellent critical assessment of the  literature; excellent use of literature to inform arguments; evidence of independent thought and insight; excellent writing skills; accurate citation; no grammatical errors

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