This module is designed to help you focus on health care reform in the US.

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This module is designed to help you focus on health care reform in the US. You are to read Chapter 10 and critique this article -  Universal health care article.docxPreview the document.  This assignment has high point values because you are expected to do a thorough job conveying that you read ALL the materials, understand health care reform and can talk intelligently about it. There is congressional talk of cutting the ACA.  Many health programs have already been cut - during a time when we are living in an epidemic! Everyday it seems like there is something new in the news about what the president and Congress are thinking about it, especially during the pandemic, so please go to current news reports too and add them into your report.  I will be looking for this info! 


Part 1:  Chapter 10 Critique

Please critique what you learned in Chapter 10 of your textbook.


Part 2:  2018 Annual Health Reform Update

In your critique, go to 2018 Annual Health Reform Update, page 1 of the book.  The authors have given you 7 learning objectives.  You are to list EACH one and answer what you learned.  Here is a short version of those objectives:


1.  Describe previous national health reform attempts.

2.  Describe why national health reform has been difficult to achieve in the USA.

3.  Describe why the 2010 national health reform was successful then.

4.  Describe key components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

5.  What has been the Supreme Court's relationship to health care reform?

6 & 7.  What is the current climate around health care reform legislation and what are the main issues that may impact health care legislation and policy in the upcoming years?


Part III.  Go to current news websites, show the links you went to, and describe what is currently going on in Washington regarding health care reform AND RELATE IT TO THE PANDEMIC.  I am not providing you the links because what's going on seems to change daily.  Cutting people off healthcare, especially now given how many people are sick and have lost their health insurance because they have become unemployed is a huge concern.  Be detailed about what you are learning.


This is a major part of your grade so make sure you are clear and precise about what you learned.  DO NOT COPY off anything online or from other materials for this assignment.  This writing is to be your original work.  If you copy from outside sources, you will be penalized. 

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