This note provides details of the second coursework where you are required to submit a typical 4 to 6 page double column conference paper.



Conference paper writing 

This note provides details of the second coursework where you are required to submit a typical 4 to 6 page double column conference paper. You will select a topic from the list provided below. This is an individual-based assessment. 

Topic:   Review of smart grid communication systems and IEC61850 standard 

Abstract :

Clearly addressing scope of paper and methodology 

Concise, follows logical structure and coherent 

Key (index) words 

Appropriate/relevant selection & ordering of terms 

Appropriate number of terms 

Introduction 25% 

Good background to topic, big picture/scene setting 

Relevance, importance, timeliness of topic are appropriately addressed 

Highlights of previous works/efforts and identification of research problem 

Presentation of paper scope and organization/structure/layout of rest of paper 

Use of language, clarity of context and logical flow 

Technical content 

Appropriate/relevant to paper scope 

Sound and correct 

Depth of analysis, comprehension and addressing of details (e.g. principles, capability and limitation analysis, comparison, future development etc..) Discussion, comments and self-evaluation is constructive and critical 


Clearly identifying outcomes/findings vs being a mere summary 

References 10% 

Appropriate sources used (journals, books....etc) and relevant to topic

Adequate in number 

Correct reference style used and correctly cited in text 


In the past decade Our Electricity system was designed on a principle  of UNI- directional power flow from generating stations to consumers by involving operations like Generation, transmission and distribution. Most of the Energy generated by using fossil fuels like nuclear, gas and coal and thus its causes global warming and even lack of energy sources in the world. Rising the electricity demand in the world also drift us to depend on renewable energy sources. 

However, Due to increase of renewable energy generation the Existing grid which has flaws in electricity control resulted huge blackouts in the  industries and residentials. To overcome the existing flaws a smart systems are introduced in the electricity market by replacing an Existing Grid with Smart Grid.

Smart grid is the formation of IT + electric grid and also called intelligent grid or future grid and it is an enhancement of the 20th century power grid. Smart grid develops on a principle of two way flows of electricity and it uses digital technologies, sensors and software abilities in an Electricity generation, transmission , distribution and prosumer 

Smart grid have started with the idea of  Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to improve energy efficiency and Energy management on consumers side by using energy storage systems  communication between the smart grid and customers, this two way communications allows energy consumers to receive accurate real-time prices and bills and even grid operator can receive real time information about the consumed energy from consumers side.

In this paper, discussing about following 

Section A: Existing power system communication

Section B: Communication Network architecture in the smart grid.

Section C: Smart Grid communication requirements

Section D: Cyber Security in the Smart grid and challenges

Section E: Smart grid standards

Section F: Application of IEC 61850 in Smart grid substation

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