“This project, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed herein are fictitious.

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“This project, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed herein are fictitious. No identification with actual persons or fictitious characters should be inferred. No animals were harmed in the making of this project.”




This topic will involve analysis of a business case and the design of a network to support it. The precise details of the business case are below. For the project you will be required to:

a.       Create an organization chart for the business.

b.       Provide cost data for the system’s hardware, software and licenses, including references for your prices.

c.        Design and document the organizational units and security groups you will need.

d.       Configure Windows Server 2012 R2 for the business, including DNS, folder/file sharing and printer sharing.

e.        Implement the OU and security group plan.

f.        Add a folder redirection GPO.

g.        Create an IT Department web page for the business, and deploy it using IIS server. The web page should be accessible from a client machine.

h.       Submit a report including screenshots verifying every aspect of the implementation. You should also indicate what work would need to get done from this point to actually implement your system in a real-life setting.




After a minor incident at their research facility, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have decided to build a small medical clinic specializing in the treatment of victims of gamma radiation exposure. Their clinic will be located in New York and will be called The Iron Rescue Center, although PR briefings have been referring to the center simply as “Iron Center”. Not only will Iron Center provide medical and outpatient surgical care, but it will also provide physical therapy services for patients and clients. While their plans currently call for just the New York location, they have plans to expand eventually to Los Angeles and London.


Although the facility is still under construction, staffing has already been completed. Iron Center will have three primary care physicians, four nurses, two physical therapists, and three support staff people plus the support staff manager.


After hearing of the excellent reputation of Kwantlen’s INFO students, and basically not having the time themselves, Tony and Pepper have decided to hire your team to build a custom information system for the clinic. Their main stipulation was, and I quote, “…as long as they don’t make it an AI like Ultron, that was a teeny problem.” The information system you design should support the business’ initial New York operations and be scalable for future growth possibilities


In your first meeting, Pepper provided an overview of Iron Center’s business processes and staff members. She told you that Kevin Feige is the office manager. Kevin supervises the support staff of three people. Taika Waititi handles human resources and makes sure everyone working at the clinic gets paid. Joss Whedon manages supplies and physical operations for the medical center. Ryan Coogler is responsible for insurance billing and maintaining patient records. In addition, there are two receptionists, whose positions are staffed on a contract basis.


The clinic’s three primary care physicians are Stephen Strange (who is head of the medical department), Hank Pym and Bruce Banner. The four nurses are Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and I. M. Groot. The two physical therapists are Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Each of the physicians, therapists, and support/managerial staff has their own dedicated workstation. There are two nurses’ areas (nurse stations) where the nurses work. There should be two computers at each station. The nurse stations share two network laser printers which are pooled together. The reception area will have one network laser printer. There should be some kind of network storage solution.


The network will include a server as well as all the workstations, print devices, and storage devices described above.


Each of the people named in the above section should have their own user account. Receptionists do not have personal user accounts; generic “receptionist” accounts should be set up for their use.


Internet access is via a broadband connection with a local Internet service provider. Guest WiFi is provided for customer convenience, but this does not need to be implemented in your project.

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