This project will be developed as a group in your Java IDE, or in a collaborative environment, like (Links to an external site.)

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Java Group Project – Tic-Tac-Toe 

This project will be developed as a group in your Java IDE, or in a collaborative environment, like (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.). In this application, you will create a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.   The required specifications for all parts of the project can be found here and the rubric at the end details how the project will be scored. 

Required Functionality 

·         Your game board should have a 3 X 3 rectangular or square area (a GUI is not required)

·         Create the game as 2 player, where one person plays Xs and the other plays Os 

·         Create a system where the user can specify which square on the board they wish to play 

·         Each move must be to an empty square 

·         After each move, determine whether the game has been won or if it’s a draw 

Design Specifications: 

·         The game should utilize good class design. See the rubric below on how the project will be scored. 

·         Your code should be well documented using the Java Code documentation standards found here: (Links to an external site.) 

·         Your code should be written using the Java Code Conventions so that everyone maintains the same coding style - (Links to an external site.) 

Required Documentation 

·         Documentation of your design process is expected.  Your submission should include a paper that overviews your group’s design process, problem solving steps, UML, and any other information about how you created the final product. Your documentation should also include information on how the project was tested and any challenges you encountered. 

·         Bug/Problem declaration – if you find issues in your testing that you were not able to fix before the submission deadline, these should be declared in your documentation.  Bugs and problems declared in your documentation will not count as heavily against your project score as those the instructor finds undocumented. 

Extra Credit – Above and Beyond 

If your group is feeling ambition and ALL of the above, required functionality is present in your program; you are free to try to implement this extra feature for more points: 

·         Create a random “coin toss” system that determines which player goes first 


Submit to Canvas

Each submission to this assignment will complete the assignment for all members of the group. Please have all files collected by one group member for final submission to Canvas.

1. Add screen shots of your running program and a copy of your source code to the Program Submission TemplatePreview the document and upload to this assignment.

2. Upload your group's paper, including bug declaration, to this assignment.

3. Save your NetBeans project using File, Export, TO Zip to create a zip file. Upload the zip file to this assignment.

Submit this Canvas assignment.

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