Thousand and One Journeys: Arab Americans

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See, then login with the information that i provided. Then go to ARB 394, then go to content which is the link on your left
I am telling you this information so you can watch the movie which is provided for free on my class website. Then you have to see the attachment and do an 8-page paper which is uploaded in the instructions page
 you find the movie link in the instructions provided above
You will also find the link to watch the movie and it is under "Content"

In general, writing a research paper involves familiarizing yourself with the works of experts in the field of a given subject (Arabic Film and Media here), such works are expressed in scholarly books, articles, or through interviews, to build upon what you know about the subject, comparing their thoughts on the topic, and eventually coming up with your insightful conclusion.

 The final paper will be a unique and appropriate reflection on the evidence you have located in your research and a touch of insights generated from your thought. Given that for this class you are assigned to write a Film Paper, use research as needed and adhere mainly to the description of a Film Paper

The movie you will write for this paper is called "Thousand and One Journeys: Arab Americans" 

You can get access to the film by accessing the following information:

username: salam

password: Hh123456789

Once in, go to "ARB Topic: Arabic Film and Medias". This link is under the Fall 2016 semester.  Then once you open the class link, on your left you will see Content at the very last row. Click on that, and it will take you to the "Thousand and One Journeys: Arab Americans" movie. It is the second movie. 

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